Heirloom Seed Collection

The seed is a source of new life and energy. Preserving of seeds for self and future generations was an old practice in India. As part of the green revolution, we lost the traditional varieties and got limited varieties of hybrid seeds that are produced from commercial companies.

At GLT, we tried finding native seed savers in our vicinity and procured native varieties of vegetables and few bowls of cereal from great seed savers like Anisha Foundation, who aim in making tribal children healthy by giving them native seeds, make them eat healthy food and take back the seeds from them. This is such a noble act that spreads the seeds and educates the children on how to grow their food.

Another great source for native seeds is Kalappa a simple hard-working farmer who works hard along with his family in Hiriyur to preserve seeds.

We had an interactive learning session from experts on methods to be followed while preserving and growing and were surprised to see a variety of seeds in their farms and display.  They had 10 varieties of ladies fingers, 30 varieties of little millet, 60 varieties of paddy, and around 15 varieties of brinjals to name a few. Many of the vegetables are not visible anywhere in markets that have great nutritional value.

We at GLT have made attempts to collect and multiply them. If you are someone interested in growing pure varieties, enroll yourself with us today.

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30-Mar-2020 to 05-Apr-2020


8:30 hour

9:00 AM

5:30 PM



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