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COVID-19 has been the worst pandemic ever in the history of mankind. Thousands of lives have been subjected to helter-skelter. Besides the tragic toll on human life, economies also have taken a huge hit. Since the start of the outbreak of the pandemic in March, job losses have mounted across sectors but the most affected section was the poor ones who were left to fend for themselves without work or food. Experts had claimed that the effect on daily wage workers and migrant labourers will be catastrophic and it is showing. They are desperately in need of cash in hand, ration or daily meals to sustain themselves. At this time, when the lack of food, essentials had reached the worst hit, the volunteers of GLT stepped ahead to help those people and ease their suffering to an extent.

When the Government announced the nationwide lockdown for 21 days, there was tension, confusion amongst the needy section regarding food and essentials. The government did their part and we did ours. On March 30, 2020, our volunteers gathered together and went to collect all the essential items for 3 tiring hours. After that, they packed and distributed the essentials, in and around Doddaballapur district among 40 pandemic-stricken families. Even during this time, every safety measure was followed by our team members and volunteers to ensure zero breakage of prevailing rules and regulations.

On the extension of Lockdown, our volunteers set out on another journey of assisting the needy for 2 days. The second phase of distribution was conducted on April 12 and the 3rd phase was conducted on April 13. We ensured reaching out to the maximum number of needy inhabitants. We can be even more successful in this if we get your helping hands with us.

You can contribute your bit to be a part of the change.

For donations, please reach out to us .

Also, you can take small measures listed below to help the needy at the time of emergencies.

  • Reach out to us with our innovative ideas of conducting a campaign to fight the pandemic
  • Volunteer with us to impart skills to children and adults that can bring about a major change in their lives.
  • Donate for a cause to shape the lives of many. You can contribute through our site.

Experience the joy of giving and supporting our mission of providing help and making a difference. The amount raised through your contribution will be used to help poor communities get food, dry rations, hygiene kits, etc to secure themselves and their families.

GoodLiving Trust works towards creating fully self-sustainable village communities while addressing the issues faced by inhabitants of the village. Be it a pandemic, natural calamities, or any disastrous incident, we always step ahead to provide the right assistance at the right time.We have also been helping farmers and inhabitants of villages to shift to natural farming to ensure a healthy and self-sustainable lifestyle exists in the community. Also, we keep the major goal of protecting the environment and surroundings while we conduct any of the activities.

Be a part of the change and transform the lives of thousands.

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