Self-sustainable village means a place that is committed in the assignment of providing a better life quality for its inhabitants. It’s a place that has all the necessary conditions to live in community, respecting the environment, traditions, education, respecting the people and its values. Here, every person is involved in the local improvement of the social aspects.Good Living Trust works to achieve the above-mentioned criterias within a village community.

The growing environmental stress due to human activities has done more of depletion of nature rather than regeneration. We work towards establishing the right balance between a healthy and fully sustainable lifestyle and nature. Developing a fully self-sustainable lifestyle is just a statement, it has a lot more things to be considered while giving it a real shape.

The major pointers that should be considered while creating a fully self-sustainable village community are follows:

  • Change should happen inside out.
  • Active citizenship is required during the establishment.
  • Letting people of the community share stories and skills that can be utilized.
  • Having strong community builders is an integral part.
  • Self-sustainable villages can only exist when community and relationship building are majorly focused.
  • It’s always about bridging the gap between the older citizens and the centre of community life.
  • Enhancing longevity and abatement of loneliness should be given proper attention.

Community builders play an active role in establishing a fully-self sustainable village community.A major transformation can happen when every inhabitant in the community is not considered as a victim who needs help, rather as a skill holder whose contribution can bring about a major change.

GLT has been helping community inhabitants in many ways:

  • Ensuring a longer life-span by educating people adapt natural farming process
  • Collect heirlooms and indegenous varieties of seeds for a healthier and better harvest
  • Reusing the unwanted resources available within the community such as dry leaves and using it as a manure
  • Establishing a farmer -customer relationship to grow and sell their products are a great deal without having to loose lump sum to the middlemen
  • Providing technological assistance, right skill set and education on farming and harvesting techniques
  • Assisting people of communities during emergencies such as natural disasters.

There are scores of untapped resources in those communities which should be properly looked into and utilized in real sense. When the community builders identify the gifts within every single individual, change in the community takes place.

 It is easy to build a 2-tier community where one set of people are victims and the other section are the saviours. But, the real essence of having a fully self-sustainable community exists when the focus shifts from the weaknesses towards the strength of individual members of the community.

We are doing our part. Still, there is a lot to be done and accomplished. Every contribution matters. Therefore, GoodLiving Trust calls for people who are ready to lend helping hands to build a fully self sustainable village community either through monetary help or imparting skills to the adults and children.

Join us and help us create tons of fully self-sustainable communities.

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