The essential stimulating factor for the development of any country is Education. Education is the powerful catalyst that will transform the nation by enlightening minds, improving quality of life, fostering gender equality, creating better employment opportunities, eradicating poverty, child marriage, child labor, and violence. People are the main resources for the development of any country and their education and application of their skills is the key to the advancement of the country. Educating girls and women are of paramount importance as it will enrich their life and the future generation, the benefits will transmit from one generation to another assuring a prosperous, peaceful, progressed country.

Education in Rural Areas:

In India, more than half of the population lives in rural areas, hence the development of rural areas is a requisite for the development of the people and the nation. Though education is a basic human right, access to quality education remains a challenge in rural areas. They lack the resources and opportunities available in urban areas. The disparity in the resources and facilities can put rural students at a considerable disadvantage, restricting their education and future.

Children who attend primary schools often drop out in high school or universities due to the lack of money and opportunities within their area. Lack of resources and poverty lead children to opt for child labor to support their families. Though everyone in the rural area understands the significance of education, their circumstances force them to choose these short-term gains over long-term achievement. GoodLiving Trust (GLT) has been undertaking various initiatives to instill the importance of education, make education more accessible and improve the quality of education in rural areas.

Education Disruption in Rural Areas due to the pandemic:

The COVID-19 has created a huge disruption in the education system for everyone, especially in rural areas.

This pandemic has exacerbated the current disparities and further reduced the opportunities of many students in rural areas. The disruption would have cost the employment of many of the parents in rural areas and the closure of schools would often lead to permanent dropouts as children tend to child labor to support the family. For girls, dropping out of school could also lead to child marriage and a plethora of other issues.

A panacea to all these issues was the introduction of technology into rural education, where curriculum can be continued digitally. This would change the education for the better as education will be easily accessible for all and students can avoid the hassles and cost to travel long distances for education.

Government has introduced online classes for children however the barriers are non-availability of resources such as smartphones or laptops to access such online education for rural students. The rural area students do not even possess a basic smartphone to access these online classes. GoodLiving Trust strives to seamlessly provide the best possible education for all children of India and aims to minimize the impact of the disruption caused by pandemic by providing them resources to enable education. We would like to take this opportunity to call for volunteers who wish to partake in this act of developing our future generation by providing undisrupted education to children in rural areas.

GoodLiving Trust is undertaking a campaign to collect used smart phones or tablets or laptops and provide these to students of rural areas; helping them to mitigate the destructive consequences of the pandemic. For contribution to this cause, please contact or give us a ring at +91 7899157848.

Your old (used) smartphone can bring light to a student’s educational life"

We have helped the following students so far:

  • Bharathi, 9th Grade & Rahul, 6th Grade, Chennaveeranahalli School


Education is the seed of the socio-economic development of a nation. If education collapses, a peaceful successful nation cannot be developed. Those of us who are in power to reform the future of our nation should join hands to contribute to it. We might not be able to change the world, but we can do these small actions that could make a whole world of difference to someone. Let us be those responsible people who spread a smile on others life, who makes the life of others worthwhile and beneficial to the nation we belong to.

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